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Everybody wants to have a tanned look

All You Want To Know About Melanotan 2

Everybody wants to have a tanned look as it not only makes them look better but it’s also good for the health. Most people go to tanning salons or spend time outside exposing their body to the sunlight to soak in that natural radiation and get the much desired tanned look. While spending time outdoors to get that tanned look is effective and practiced by many, but there are several side effects of this approach.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that you have to spend a lot of time if you want to get tanned on a regular basis. Tanning through tanning salons does not last a long time and you need to keep exposing your body to harmful rays in order to keep enjoying that tanned look. Also, when you expose your body to the UV emitting diodes in a tanning salon, your body also absorbs a lot of unwanted and harmful radiation.

In other words, you will get the tanned look you want but it comes at a considerable cost. Getting that tanned look using the beds in the tanning salons or by exposing your skin to sun may also increase the risk of skin cancer due to increased exposure to harmful UV radiation. This is the reason many people want a product that not only helps them get tanned better but also does not require them to spend a lot of time in tanning salons or out there in the sun.

Thanks to the medical researchers, there is a product that can help you achieve that toned and athletic look in the comfort of your home. This product is known as Melanotan 2.

What is Melanotan 2?

In simple terms, it may be defined as a peptide that comes with tanning effects. If you are not aware of the term peptide, it is a compound made up of amino acids just like proteins. There are a lot of natural amino acids in your body and these amino acids are responsible for a variety of important body functions.

Researchers have been trying to create artificial peptides to treat various illnesses and this particular product was also created by scientists to work as a drug for treatment of skin cancer. The scientists researching the development of these peptides were not able to finish the tests and therefore, they could not get approval from the regulators to use this particular peptide as a drug for treatment of skin cancer.

However, the results of their research were impressive and when their research came to light, many individuals started using this peptide to achieve the tanned look without the harmful effects of UV rays.

How it works

Natural tanning is the natural defense mechanism developed by body to keep it safe from the harmful exposure to UV rays. The ultraviolet rays are of two different types UVA and UVB. While UVA rays are responsible for tanning, UVB rays burn your skin. The UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the production of melanin which is responsible for changing the skin tone.

The melanin production in the skin is stimulated by a particular hormone alpha MSH. The researchers during the research discovered that providing this particular hormone called alpha MSH to a patient helped in stimulating the production of melanin which is responsible for tanned skin with proper exposure to sunlight.

However, the researchers found that the half-life of this particular hormone was too short and therefore, it couldn’t be used as a drug. So, they developed Melanotan 2. It enhances the production of melanin in the body which in turn helps in providing the tanned look with enough exposure to sunlight. This peptide not only lasts much longer but it is also many times more potent.

In simple terms, it can be said that this particular peptide helps in increasing the tan by stimulating the production of melanin in the body in a completely natural manner.


One of the biggest benefits of this particular product is that it produces lasting tan which can last for months at a time without the need for any exposure to sun. On the other hand, tan that is developed naturally tends to fade around in a few weeks’ time. You will need to continuously expose your body to harmful sunlight in order to maintain the desired skin pigmentation.

Another big benefit of this peptide is that users can maintain their skin pigmentation with continued dosing. Users need to get maintenance dosage once or twice a week in order to maintain the desired skin pigmentation.

Also, it requires the users to spend much less time in the sun in order to develop the desired tan which means the users remain safe from unnecessary exposure to harmful UV rays. Overall, it reduces the risk associated with longer exposure to sun and it allows users to maintain the desired tan in the comfort of their home.

Side Effects

As far as the side effects of this peptide are concerned, there are some side effects which are usually mild and short lived. However, it is important to mention here that it is important to use it only in the required quantity to make sure your body does not have any adverse reaction.

As far as the common side effects are concerned, most users experience mild nausea, yawning and tiredness after they inject themselves with the prepared solution. However, the side effects usually go away shortly after the injection is administered.

There have been some cases where users have experienced some serious side-effects but those have been extreme cases where users injected themselves with too much of this peptide.


As far as the dosage of Melanotan ii is concerned, it is recommended to enhance the dosage in phases. There are three distinct phases including acclimation phase, loading phase and maintenance phase. The dosage of this peptide typically ranges from 0.1 mg in the acclimation phase to 2 mg in the loading phase.

Experts recommend a 0.1 mg dosage on a daily basis in the first week which can then be increased to 0.5 mg once daily in the second and third week before increasing it to 0.75 mg once daily for week 4 to 6. For maintenance of desired tanning level, a dosage of 0.5 mg twice on a weekly basis is recommended for as long as the user wants the effects to remain.

The acclimation dosage is kept conservatively low to ensure that one does not have any adverse reactions to this product. In case a user experiences severe side-effects or some other kind of unexpected results, it is recommended to stop using this product.

Injecting Melanotan 2

This product is sold in powder form as it can be stored for a very long period of time in powder form provided it is stored at temperatures below the freezing point. On the other hand, it needs to be reconstituted with sterile water before it is ready to be injected. Users can injected it into the muscle as well as under the skin.

Many users prefer injecting it under the skin as it is relatively easy to administer. To prepare the injection, you need to allow the injection vials to come to the room temperature before you open them. Before preparing the injection, make sure you have a vial of sterile water, vial of the peptide powder, a syringe as well as alcohol swab.

To prepare the injection, you need to take the syringe and fill it with bacteriostatic water up to 2 cc mark. This water should be added to the 10 mg of the powder. It is important that you inject the water on the side of the vial containing the powder instead of injecting it directly on to the powder. Keep in mind that the peptide bonds in this powder are fragile and can be easily broken if you do not handle the product carefully.

Therefore, it is important for you to handle it gently and carefully during and after the reconstitution process. Once all the water has been injected into the vial containing the powder, you should swirl it gently and never shake the vial to mix the water as it may affect the efficacy of the solution.

For injecting this solution, it is recommended to use an insulin syringe with capacity of 0.5 cc. As mentioned above, you can inject it directly into the muscle as well as underneath the skin. For subcutaneous administration, you may inject it on your thighs, lower abdomen or buttocks. Most people prefer injecting it into the lower abdomen. If you have never injected yourself, instructions are available online in order to make sure you inject it in the right manner. You can easily find video instructions online to understand how to give a subcutaneous injection.

If you want to inject it directly into your muscle, you may inject it in your shoulder or your thigh.

Keep in mind that this prepared solution is good for only up to two weeks and it should be stored carefully. It should be refrigerated at temperature below 4 degrees C and the solution should be kept away from light. It’s not recommended to store the reconstituted solution in the freezer and make sure you use the remaining solution within the next two weeks. If you keep it for more than two weeks, it will lose its effectiveness and therefore, you should dispose of the remaining solution after two weeks.

As far as storing the powder is concerned, it is recommended to keep the powder in a freezer at -20 degrees C for long-term storage though it can also be stored at room temperature for several weeks. It can also be stored up to a year if it is stored at a temperature of below -80 degrees C.

How to buy Melanotan 2?

Due to increase in the popularity of this peptide, a number of individuals have jumped into this business claiming to provide you pharmaceutical grade powder of Melanotan 2. However, all the suppliers claiming to provide pure pharmaceutical grade powder are not telling the whole truth. It has been observed that many sellers do not offer 99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade peptides and add a variety of fillers such as Mannitol.

Therefore, it is important for you to make sure you buy this peptide 2 only from a well-known and well recognized supplier. The suppliers are spread all across the globe but there are some basic things you need to consider before you click that buy button.

Keep in mind that purity as well as quality is the most important factor. Before you order online, make sure to read the content present on the website thoroughly to make sure the suppliers know what they’re talking about. Needless to say, the purity level need to be more than 99% and there shouldn’t be any fillers or adulterants in the product. Do not forget to ask for the production date of your order to make sure you are buying fresh and pure product.

It’s not recommended to buy a product that is more than six months old. This is due to the reason that the enough degradation may have happened and the product may not be as effective as a fresher product.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that you should always buy it only in powder form. There are some sellers who sell premixed peptides but keep in mind that these premixed solutions to lose their efficacy rapidly and therefore, should be avoided at all costs.

Since the powder is stable at room temperature only for a few weeks, it is recommended to choose a supplier that is able to deliver in less than two weeks. When you receive the order, you should carefully examine the injection vial and make sure it’s in powder form. It should also be pure white in color and the cap should be securely attached. Once you have carefully examined the package, store it in the freezer if you do not need to reconstitute it immediately.

Overall, buy Melanotan 2 only from recognized Melanotan 2 suppliers.